sullivan and son RETURNS THIS SUMMER
Roy:  "Steve, do you have any recommendations? I'm on Yelp looking for a restaurant to take my wife to for our anniversary. I want somewhere that's totally romantic with amazing food."
Steve:  "Well, there's plenty of places like that in Pittsburgh."
Roy:  "For under $10. With unlimited breadsticks, and I wouldn't say no to a topless waitress."
Neal:  "Here, feel my shirt. What material do you think it is?"
Neal's victim:  "I don't know – cotton?"
Neal:  "I was thinking more like ... boyfriend material."
Carol:  "I hope you're going commando!"
Melanie:  "What?"
Carol:  "Well, there's no point in putting your instrument back in the case if someone's going to play it later!"
Angel:  "Well, a true gentleman! They don't make 'em like you anymore."
Hank:  "Yeah, guys like me have been discontinued. It's so hard to find the parts."
Angel:  "Well, that depends on who's looking."
Melanie:  "Two investment bankers just showed me their big, fancy watches. I would have almost preferred that they show me their tiny penises."
Neal:  "Well, it is Ladies Night, right? The point is to get ladies."
Steve:  "Yeah, but how many do you need?"
Neal:  "How many you got?!"
Ok Cha:  "What's wrong? You look like you saw a ghost."
Jack:  "If a ghost is a girl with a big dong, then yeah, I just saw a ghost."
Hank:  "Hey, you know that girl I was just dancing with? The one I've been talking to all night? Well, she's really a guy, and you know what that means? Brace yourself. I'm a gay."
Jack:  "Hank, I've known you for 30 years. You're not gay."
Hank:  "I just danced with a guy – I'm flaming! I'm gonna be a terrible gay. I don't even like having someone behind me in line."

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