sullivan and son RETURNS THIS SUMMER
Steve:  "When she says 'Go get a table,' is she gonna rip one out of the floor?"
Roy:  "I'm married, man. The best part of my life is over."
Hank:  "Hey Ahmed, it's been a few minutes since your date went to the ladies room. What's she doing in there? Powdering her balls?"
Owen:  "Who cares if a chick isn't perfect? As long as she's tall and stacked and a little bit slutty, my heart should be open to her."
Owen:  "Why did you come in here tonight? Did heaven send you?"
Ok Cha:  "I'm all about judgment without love."
Steve's date:  "Little smokes for little folks."
Chappy:  "Have a nice life, Boots. Chappy out!"
Steve:  "I'm a little rusty at my bar sex."
Steve:  "You're a really nice person except for all the horrible things you do."

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