sullivan and son RETURNS THIS SUMMER
Melanie:  "See this stain right here? I have no idea what bodily fluid that is."
Susan:  "Oh, he's coming. I told him you have a suspicious lump in your groin."
Steve:  "So the plan is I just casually teach him how to relax while he's rolling my balls between his thumb and forefinger?!"
Ok Cha:  "Yeah, just keep cutting the lemons, baby – that's your whole thing now."
Jason:  "See that weird way the manager is running to the mound? Anal fissures."
Jason:  "Once, I had to reattach a guy's penis. It was microsurgery."
Jason:  "Holy crap, pizza and beer? It's a great combination! Does everybody else know about this?!"
Jason:  "Don't bum my yum!"
Melanie:  "Welcome to the first Sullivan & Son Confused Fan Support Group."
Owen:  "Hi my name is Owen, and I'm sports challenged."
Jason:  "This is what they call an Irish car bomb. Sayanora suckers!"
OK Cha:  "You have single handedly destroyed the Asian advantage."
Jason:  "Don't worry, three Jewish doctors are holding down the fort. Just don't get sick on Rosh Hashanah!"
OK Cha:  "Your most recent mistake are those pants you're wearing. You look like a slutty clown."
Jason:  "A round of shots for Edwin's mom who shook her booty for his future!"
Jason:  "This job is crazy! You can't yell at people? You can't make them wait? The customer is always right?! This is not how we do it in the medical profession."

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