Men at Work Shareables

Season 2, Episode 8: "The Gibbs-orcism"
Tyler's got a girlfriend, but there's just one problem: Milo once tried to sleep with her. And even worse, Gibbs did sleep with her. And one of her friends. At the same time. To protect Tyler's feelings, Milo, Gibbs and Rachel agree to keep their secret forever.

Despite his best efforts, Gibbs soon cracks under the pressure and spills his guts to Tyler. Tyler seems to take the news surprisingly well ... until he starts hallucinating Gibbs in his girlfriend's underwear.

It's a little disturbing, to say the least.

Witnessing his buddy's torment, Gibbs does what any good friend would do: Performs a "Gibbs-orcism" by giving Tyler a big smooch, right on the lips.

Does it work? Better watch the episode to find out!


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