Men at Work Shareables

Season 2, Episode 7: "Uncle Gibbs"
When Milo picks up a vest from an exclusive thrift store, he thinks he's struck gold. And not only because it makes him feel like he should be wearing a pocketwatch.

Turns out every time he wears it, something amazing happens.

Tyler's skeptical, but the moment he puts the vest on, a hot girl shows up at his door. Uh, what?!

Before long, the two vest aficionados are fighting over the lucky apparel.

Meanwhile, Neal has stolen the lucky vest to better his odds in a dangerous scheme with Gibbs.

After Neal eats a granola bar full of peanuts, which he's extremely allergic to, Gibbs is unable to convince his pre-med nephew to administer an epinephrine pen. And so, Neal's allergy begins to kick in.

Thankfully, Neal manages to use the epinephrine pen himself. He just uses it on the wrong person.

There's a lesson to be learned here. When friends fight over a material object, who can really win? Nobody. That's who.


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