Men at Work Shareables

Season 2, Episode 6: "Tyler the Pioneer"
When a colleague gets booted from Full Steam, Gibbs, Milo and Neal are reasonably sympathic. That is, until they realize that his departure will open up a fantastic office. Suddenly, it's every man for himself.

It's just the trio locked in battle, since Tyler's too busy with his new girlfriend, Meg (guest star Bethany Joy Lenz) – and her very charming ex-husband, Bryan (guest star Ben McKenzie) – to care much about the office competition. Doesn't Bryan look familiar? We can't seem to put our finger on it. We wonder if he looks familiar to Tyler, too.

Gibbs and Milo manage to defeat Neal, but as retribution, Neal unleashes a deadly weapon: the story troller, played by guest star Jason Lee.

Who will emerge victorious? We'll give you one guess.


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