Top 10 Bad Guy Breakup Lines

Top 10 Bad Guy Breakup Lines
  • Top 10 Bad Guy Breakup LinesIn "The Good, the Bad & the Milo," Milo struggles to find a way to break up with his girlfriend while still remaining a good guy. But not everyone is concerned with appearances. Check out some of our favorite "bad guy" breakup lines.
  • #10Remember my ex? Yeah, me too. I DEFINITELY need to give her a call.
  • #9I'm just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her not to love him.
  • #8It might be a good time to cue up that breakup playlist of yours.
  • #7Let's meet up soon. How about eight months from tomorrow?
  • #6I really like you. So does my girlfriend.
  • #5It's just that I hate the way you sneeze.
  • #4We either need to take a break or break up. Actually, scratch that first option.
  • #3I've added your profile to a new dating website.
  • #2It's not you, it's my mom's fried chicken. Your cooking is awful. You're never going to live up to her.
  • #1Don't worry. One day, you'll laugh about this moment with your future husband.


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