Men at Work Shareables

Season 2, Episode 3: "The New Boss"
The pressure's on at Full Steam when a new editor, Alex Turner (Peri Gilpin), joins the team. The guys are all clamoring to impress her, but surprisingly, it's Neal who makes the best first impression.

Unfortunately, the only way for Neal to keep up his aloof appearance is to disappear whenever his new boss in the area – even if it means leaving Gibbs to look like he's having a lightsaber battle with himself.

Meanwhile, Milo spends the worst day half-hour of his life trapped in the elevator.

Alex finds him at the worst possible time – when his animal nature is just about to take over. Into a shoe.

Over the course of his adventure, Milo learns an important lesson.

Tyler's too busy trying to impress a girl to worry about his new editor ...

But finally, the guys' true colors are all revealed. Can Neal keep up his confident facade?

... Not when hand-eye coordination is involved. Sorry, Neal.


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