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10 Rules for Rocking a Wedding
  • 10 Golden Rules
Of How To Play A Wedding
  • #1The golden rule: While it's the wedding planner's job to make sure this is a big day for the bride, the wedding band's job is to make sure this is a big day for everyone.
  • #2Big girls need love, too. It's okay to rig the bouquet toss to keep the dream alive for a plus-sized bridesmaid.
  • #3There's always one guy who's the life of the party, but has no chance to hook up at the reception. If he's still conscious in the final hour, he automatically becomes the unofficial fifth member of the band.
  • #4There is an exception to the 'no booze for the band' rule. You can drink whatever the father of the bride sends your way. Tip: He likes classic rock ballads.
  • #5Play at least a couple of heartbreak anthems at every gig. Not every attendee is going to experience wedded bliss in their lives, but pain is universal.
  • #6Look for the girl who's singing the loudest when the reception starts--she'll need a shoulder to cry on and a ride home at the end of the night.
  • #7The dance floor is like an ocean, it will ebb and flow. You can't always maintain "high tide" no matter what you play. It's okay to throw in a few songs that give people a chance to drink.
  • #8Know your audience. You start rocking Hava Nagila at a Hindu wedding and you're going to be staring into a bunch of confused faces. And remember that not everyone is going to know what "swag" is.
  • #9We get it. There are some songs that should never be played again. But, remember, you're a professional. So when you're asked to play those songs about how you will survive and about that time you were welcomed to a creepy west coast hotel, do it with a smile on your face. Such a lovely face.
  • #10Always remember, you may be playing a black tie event, but in the end, you have to bring the rock. And it all starts with the drummer.
10 Golden Rules
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