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Top 10 Wedding Faux Pas
  • Top 10 Wedding Faux Pas Weddings are great places to unwind and let loose! But with all that line dancing and free booze, social blunders are bound to occur. Read our Top 10 wedding faux pas and try to avoid them at your next nuptials.
  • #10Telling the groom how much more you liked his previous girlfriend.
  • #9Telling the bride war stories from that summer when you dated the groom.
  • #8Wearing white. A white dress. A white wedding gown. The same white wedding gown as the bride.
  • #7Focusing too much on the 'optional' part of "Black Tie Optional" by wearing jeggings.
  • #6Jumping on stage to perform with the wedding band, then forgetting the words to the song.
  • #5Starting your toast with "[Bride] would've never snagged [groom] with her original nose..."
  • #4Going table to table stealing wedding favors so you can sell them on eBay.
  • #3Forcing grandma onto the dance floor, only to realize she's in a wheelchair.
  • #2Screaming "time out" during the ceremony because you need a bathroom break.
  • #1Hiding unopened bottles of champagne in your tux jacket.
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