sullivan and son WATCH FULL EPS ONLINE


Eddie and Ingrid's two kids love it when their parents tell the story of how they met. She fell in love watching him perform at the first wedding the band ever played. The part of the story they leave out, however, is how they hooked up in the coat-check room during the father-daughter dance which explains why Eddie's brother, Barry, played the 14-minute drum solo. It would have been a two-minute solo if Ingrid hadn't lost the keys to her handcuffs. Ingrid is willing to give him Eddie a "hall pass" to play in the band on weekends, but he has to be careful about straying too far. After all, Ingrid is On the job, Ingrid is Seattle's most-decorated CSI detective, which means her forensics skill set can pick up microscopic evidence of the raucous out-of-control situations Tommy often pulls him into.
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