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Rutherford owns Seattle's premiere wedding and events planning firm. Before Roxie, four-stars was the highest an event could go. She came up with the fifth star. There's nothing she won't do for a client including shipping sand in from Fiji for an island-themed party. Roxie's the person behind the most important moments and best nights in people's lives. Her business philosophy is simple: "Never kiss a client on the mouth" putting her in direct conflict with Tommy's philosophy for the band. Getting personal is what Mother of the Bride is all about. Roxie and Tommy are two strong alpha personalities constantly struggling over who's right. Rutherford has the success and clientele to back her argument. At the end of the night, Tommy has proof from the smiles from the same clients to back him up. But Eddie and the band can't help worry that Tommy may someday push Rutherford too far.
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