king of the nerds RETURNS IN 2015
King of the Nerds RETURNS IN 2015


Virgil is a scientific researcher who wants to reshape society for social good through his hacking skills. Virgil also has a passion for colorful socks.

1. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead or Battlestar Galactica: Battlestar Galactica.

2. World of Warcraft or Call of Duty: I don't play games without endings---it's too dangerous. Call of Duty.

3. Math or Science: Science

4. Edison or Tesla: Tesla

5. Asteroids or Ms. PacMan: Ms. PacMan

6. Favorite Superhero: Dr. Horrible

7. Favorite VideoGame: BRAID: Braid is beautiful.

8. Favorite TV Show: Serial Experiments Lain

9. Favorite Movie: Weirdly, probably Shortbus.

10. Favorite Musician or Band: Scala & Kolacny Brothers. More popularly, Taylor Swift.

11. If you have a pet (what they are and what their name is): n/a

12. The one celebrity/icon (past/present) you would have wanted on your team on the show: Obama---he'd lead the team.

13. Aliens Exist or Myth: By the drake equation, almost certainly exist.