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  • MiloMilo is an attractive, funny guy with a bit of a Peter Pan complex. When his fed-up girlfriend kicks him to the curb for another man, Milo is heartbroken, but his friends are determined to help him get back in the game.
  • GibbsGibbs is a good-looking ladies man who never met a pretty woman he didn't try to seduce. And his track record in that area is pretty impressive, to say the least. He's a photographer for "Full Steam Magazine". Working with his pals is a perk...and the revolving door of models doesn't hurt either.
  • Men At Work Cast
  • TylerTyler is a charming “pretty boy” who brings a dose of style and sophistication to the group. He writes celebrity puff pieces for “Full Steam Magazine”. Tyler always wanted to be a writer but scoring the interview with the latest movie vampire/warlock heartthrob definitely wasn't the reason.
  • NealNeal is a sweet, somewhat nerdy accountant at “Full Steam Magazine.” Neal is now the only one of the guys in a committed relationship. Unfortunately, it seems his longtime girlfriend, Amy, is looking for some naughty talk in bed -- and Neal is too reserved and embarrassed to comply. He asks Milo for some dirty-talking tips, but later, his efforts in that area backfire disastrously.
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