Top Ten Excuses for Skipping Class

Everyone knows that attendance for college classes isn't mandatory, right?

10. "Sorry, I had to make an emergency ice run for the kegger tonight."

9. "I was taking a sex ed seminar with the new sorority pledges."

8. "Normally I would go, but my roommates and I are using my textbook to hold up our coffee table."

7. "There's an epic beer pong tournament at Omega Sig on Friday night, and I really needed to rest my throwing arm."

6. "My frat's toga-making committee had an emergency meeting, and I'M the chair. How could I not show up?"

5. "Oh I was in the hospital getting my stomach pumped. Alcohol poisoning is not a joke, let me tell you."

4. "There was a free burrito giveaway on the quad. Priorities, man!"

3. "It's a special holiday for my religion. What? No, you've definitely never heard of it."

2. "There was six-hour marathon on about that Jersey Shore show. What was I supposed to do, NOT sit there and watch it?!"

1. "DUDE, I was in the middle of my daily videogame-playing session with my roommates! Could not possibly walk away from it."

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