Happy Holidays from TBS!

A Christmas Story Top Tens

Top Ten Ways NOT to Unstick Your Tongue from a Flagpole
If A Christmas Story taught you anything, it was not to stick your tongue to a flagpole. If for some crazy reason you do, here are ten ways NOT to unstick it.

Top Ten Children's Christmas Gifts of the 1940s
The 1940s were a different time, but some of the presents kids received are still familiar today. Then again, some of the stuff they got have (thankfully) faded into the recesses of public consciousness.

Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear from Santa
Many of us have fond memories of visiting Santa Claus. The rosy-cheeked purveyor of Christmas happiness always seemed to have something nice to say. Here, however, are some things that would've done psychological damage had he whispered them into your ear.

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