Party Planning

Make a "signature" drink or cocktail that can be made ahead of time and placed in pitchers - this way you can enjoy the party instead of tending bar all night.

If you are doing an hors d'oevres party, make sure to choose things that are really bite size - no more than 2 bites - and don't require knives and forks and plates - People will be able to chat and mingle and eat - and there's less cleanup for you!

Skewers are great for a party - people can eat one handed and no utensils required.

Think about creative plating and choosing dishes for flavor and presentation - colors are important, but so is using garnishes that belong in the dish and are edible.

Plan so the food can be placed on trays around the room and not require too much maintenance - you want to enjoy the party as well. Place the platters strategically around the room to keep people moving and mingling.

Surprise your guests with food they recognize prepared in a new way (dill hummus, truffled deviled eggs).

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