Spring Break (1)     Tue. July, 22 at 07:00 am
As Kelly and her friends trick Bud's fraternity out of their spring break in Florida, Al and Griff join Jefferson in Fort Lauderdale to judge a college co-ed beauty contest.

Spring Break (2)     Tue. July, 22 at 07:30 am
As Al prepares to chest to see that Kelly is named Miss Spring Break, Marcy and Bud lead some burned fraternity brothers to Florida for revenge.

Bud Hits the Books     Wed. July, 23 at 05:00 am
Bud's unauthorized use of the library threatens his graduation.

Al Goes to the Dogs     Wed. July, 23 at 07:00 am
Al and Marcy clash over a doghouse for Lucky.

Kiss of the Coffee Woman     Wed. July, 23 at 07:30 am
Al and Marcy object to Kelly and Jefferson's appearing as a couple in a suggestive TV commercial.

Joke's on Al, The     Thu. July, 24 at 05:00 am
Al and Jefferson vie to claim the title of King of Practical Jokes.

Stepford Peg, The     Thu. July, 24 at 07:00 am
Peggy's amnesia allows Al to mold her into the perfect wife.

Children of the Corns     Thu. July, 24 at 07:30 am
Al and Griff try to blackmail their sweatshop-owning boss for a raise.

Crimes Against Obesity     Fri. July, 25 at 05:00 am
As he's trying to celebrate his birthday, Al is put on trial by a group of obese women.

Kelly's Gotta Habit     Fri. July, 25 at 07:00 am
As Kelly agrees to give up sex for a big TV commercial, Al teams with Officer Dan for an appearance on Cops.

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