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My Boys Blog Week Ten

Brendan Smith is one of the writers on 'My Boys.' He is a graduate of Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and lives in Silver Lake, CA with his dog Ozzy. He likes Iron Maiden, green chili cheeseburgers, and The Big Lebowski.

Notes from the Writer's Room, Season Finale

Hello, boys and girls.

I can still hear you:

“Another cliffhanger?! Aaaggghhh!!!”

Look, there’s a method to the madness, people. If the cliffhanger helps us get an order for nine more episodes… it’ll all be worth it. Right? I mean, you didn’t think that we’d wrap this up in a neat little bow, did ya?

Hey, I feel your pain. When I saw Locke in the casket, I was like, “You can’t end it like that! That’s sooo not cool! That doesn’t help me at all! I can’t wait until the fall to figure out how he got there! I need to know now! Plus… Sawyer and Juliet? Alone on the beach?! C’mon! What’s that all about? Huh?! And what happened to Jin?!?! You can’t kill him off!!!”

All I can say is, “Patience. Patience, young Grasshopper.”

I’ll check the “Fan Forum” for your comments. (Q: What did you throw at the TV this time?)

Which brings me to...


A. Obviously, a bunch of scenes for episodes 208 and 209 were shot at the same time, over a four-day location shoot at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch. Our Fearless Leader directed this season’s finale in super-hot, SoCal conditions. Good times. BT also traded some seriously muggy days with the great Arlene Sanford, who directed the Hummingbird Ranch scenes for episode 208 (“Bobby and Jack”).

Episode 208 marks Arlene’s sixth time at the “My Boys” helm.

B. The Hummingbird Nest Ranch is a massive 140-acre estate located in Simi Valley, just outside of Los Angle-eez City. You can check its website for more info on the facilities. As I said before, the HN Ranch is located near an area of SoCal that is usually on fire at this time of year. (Hold on, let me check Channel 9. Pause. Okay. We’re cool today.)

The HN Ranch is on the market for the bargain price of SEVENTY FIVE MILLION BUCKS. If you’ve got the cash, pull the trigger. You will not be disappointed. It needs a bigger pool, but if you’re into horses… every day will be a giant party.

C. Sebastian Jones came up with the title “John, Cougar, Newman Camp” all by his lonesome. HI-larious. Baz J also wrote this episode. Come to think of it, dude wrote last season’s finale, as well.

D. As I mentioned last week, Jim is light in this episode because he was off shooting a couple of scenes for an upcoming movie with a very well-known director. A fan in the “Forum” guessed the project correctly, via the power of “the internets.”

In the next two weeks, Jim will roll his “Sexy Tour” through Miami, Waukeegan, and Merrillville, Indiana.

E. Here’s the last plug for my fellow “My Boys” writers, Adrian Wenner and Ethan Sandler. (Yes, Wenner plays Bobby’s rich friend “John.”) Go to YouTube, type in “DEBATE IN 08,” and have at it. I like “Episode 2,” the Pioneer Museum one, which was shot at a tiny little office near Ventura and Vineland Blvds.

F. Did I mention that it was hot out there in Simi Valley? Big ups to the crew dudes who really suffered through some long production days. Dragging cables and lights and stuff in the hot sun... sucks.

G. Marilu Henner. “Taxi.” ‘Nuff said. (Marilu was one of my first TV crushes, followed by “Mallory” on “Family Ties.” Now, I’m all about “SNL’s” Kristen Wiig.) Marilu dropped a couple of “Taxi” stories between some of her scenes, and I gotta tell ya… that particular cast had a good time working together, too. In an 80’s kinda way. Our guys come into the production office to watch baseball together, while the “Taxi” folks… uh… wink-wink. According to Marilu, that is.

Well, that’s all for now, kids. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to do another nine episodes in the not too distant future.

Say a prayer for us.

In the meantime… my house in Breckinridge is made of one piece of carved wood.

Puppies and kittens,
Brendan Smith

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer/speaker and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc.”

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