My Name Is Earl Check List

89. Broke into a house, had a party and didn't clean up
91. Made fun of Maggie Lester for having a mustache
98. Told Dodge & Earl Jr. we would have a father/son day at Mystery Fun Land and didn't take them
102. Harmed and possibly killed innocent people by second-hand smoke
107. Put bleach in...laundry detergent
108. Lost Dad's Mustang
109. Fixed wiring so neighbors (nosy ones) didn't have power for a week
111. Accidentally broke Tom's Toe
112. Let Donny Jones serve jail time for a crime I committed
116. Parked in a handicapped spot
117. Killed cat trying to see if it would land on its feet
119. Ruined Joy's chance to get into art school
126. Helped myself to the tip jar at Crab Shack
127. Stole a badge from a police officer
136. I've been a litterbug
139. Stole beer from a golfer
140. Took...pickup...
142. Had egg fight down a main street
143. Farted in Joy's Face
144. Pulled whiskers from Randy's chin

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