My Name Is Earl Check List

68. Blew up mailboxes
69. Cheated on high school tests a lot
71. Took magazine from neighbor's porch
72. Cheated on girlfriend and lied about it
73. Accidentally started a forest fire
74. Always ruined Joy’s Christmas
75. Took wine from church
76. Stole Borrowed Mom's car
77. Shoved an old lady out of the...
78. Got drunk on Easter
79. Killed cat trying to see if it...
80. Parked in handicap...
82. Borrowed silverware from Crab Shack
83. Blew up mailboxes
84. Faked death to break up with a girl
85. Took clothes from...laundry mat
86. Stole a car from a one-legged girl
87. I broke into houses
88. Told Randy he would (land?) if he jumped

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