My Name Is Earl Check List

41. Snatched a kid's Halloween candy when he came to my trailer to trick or treat
42. Cut holes in all of Dad's shirts to show his nipples
43. Racked a rich guy
44. Picked on a French kid
49. I've been wasteful
50. Kicked Tom out of band
51. Slept with Ralph's mom
53. Put used gum under almost every table I've ever sat at
56. Larceny of a kitty cat
57. Gave Randy a "swirlie" when he was five
58. Fixed a high school football game
59. Everything I did to Dad
60. Pulled fire alarm
61. Stole Mom's car (but I gave it back)
62. Faked death to break up with a girl
63. Wasted electricity
64. Picked on Kenny James
65. Cost Dad the election
66. Let mice out at school play
67. Stole beer from a golfer

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