Back to School Makeover

This week, expert Alison Deyette is going to bring style back to school.

Expert - Alison Deyette

This week, our expert is going to show you the fashion and gadget/tech trends that’ll keep kids Styling and their parents smiling.

Promotional Consideration By:

Desk from Precious Cargo in Atlanta, GA

Girls and Boys Bedding, ACT Pocket Prep, Bed in a Bag from JC Penney

Bookcovers and Flash Drive from Book-A-Roo Covers

Desk décor from

Tutor from

Wordlock padlocks from

Captio Applicase and Captio Collegecase from

Laundry Tote, Polka Dot Tote, Striped Towel Wrap, Polka Dot Towel Wrap, Polka Dot/Black Tote Bag from The Pink Monogram

Pop-Up Shower Basket, Shower Caddy Tote Basket, Shoe Bag Underbed, Underbed Beg with Cedar Inserts from

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