Best Look for Guys

Expert Alison Deyette was kind enough to provide us with the following tips:

Best Look for Guys

Alright men, the best way to take your wardrobe to the next step is to take an inventory of your present closet. Clean out the clutter, the scuffed shoes that are beyond repair and the nasty, stained t-shirts. And then add:

  • Evey man needs to own a sport jacket. Skip the looks you dad was sporting and update with corduroy, velvet, cashmere or linen. A sport jacket can allevaite the need to wear a full suit, but looks stylish and sophisticated with a button down shirt, a sweater or even a polo at times.

  • A black cashmere turtleneck with dark jeans always look good on a man and quite frankly it always looks good on a woman as well. Guys, skip the mock neck and choose the full foldover turtlenecks.

  • Embrace color. There's nothing so boring as a white shirt and red tie. May I repeat...boring. Choose color and pattern. Dare to be brave-the girl will love it. Pair pale pink and chocolate, blues with brown or green and subtle patterned shirts with a striped or bright solid tie. Don't always succumb to plain blue or grey.

  • For casual weekends running errands or walking around town, banish the athletic sneakers that you wear to the gym and opt for stylish "kicks" or "trainers" in a subtle mix of colors from a brand like Puma, Adidas or Converse.

  • And be sure to do a t-shirt check both Fall and Spring to toss the old, ratty or stained and relace with solid whites, sporty styles and some vintage like styles with your favorite bands or logos.

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