Crushed by Your Clothes?

If your clothes are in chaos and your wardrobe's a wasteland, never fear because the closet experts are here! This week's pros will help you get things together!

Expert - Peggy Snider
Tip - Clutter Busting

What can you do when your wardrobe outgrows your closet space? Well, if you and your husband share a closet like Dayla and Kenny, you need serious, professional help. It's "Closets and More" to the rescue! This week, these closet experts will makeover our volunteer's closet and install a whole new closet storage system. They'll also teach Dayla and Kenny how to keep their closet looking great all of the time.

Also this week, an expert from Home Magazine will show us all the latest closet gadgets and organization tips. If this makeover doesn't inspire you to take control of your own closet, that's fine--just as long as you don't mind risking being Crushed by your clothes...

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