Sweepstakes Winner Makeover

The winner of the InStyle/Maybelline® Sweepstakes will be pampered and beautified by our team or trained experts.

Expert - Stephen Mancuso
Expert - Charla Krupp
Expert - Alison Deyette

Erin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Daisy, last winter. Unfortunately, Daisy had a heart condition that has been traumatic for both parents and child. Thankfully, Daisy's had surgery and is going to be fine.

When Erin's husband, Thomas, heard about the In Style/Maybelline® sweepstakes, he entered his wife without telling her--hoping that it would bring her a "good" surprise at last. Well, it has. Erin's going to come into the studio and be pampered and beautified by our team of experts. She'll also receive some terrific Maybelline products to take home.

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