Work off that Booty Camp

We're putting a working woman through a military fitness program intended to turn her body into hardened steel!

Expert - Raphael Verela
Tip - Protein Smoothie
Tip - Fitness Tips

Goldie Hawn is whipped into shape in this week's classic comedy, Private Benjamin, but in real life, a military-style daily workout regimen is one of the best ways to go from flabby to firm. Our volunteer, Lavonne, is an LA woman who hasn't been able to get results relying on her own workouts and willpower, so we're hooking her up with Raphael Verela, a former Marine who now runs a fitness boot camp on Venice Beach. We'll see Lavonne go through an eight week program of exercise and nutrition and then bring her into the studio for a final reveal of her new buff bod.

And be sure to check out the link to the right to get the recipe for the Protein Smoothie that Mia talks about on the show!

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