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thursday, april 24th
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Outback Jack - Natalie Update
Just when they thought the questions were over, we came back with more! At your request, here's the latest updates from Outback Jack and Natalie:

Questions for Natalie:

TBS asks: What was the first thing you did when you got back to civilization?
Natalie answers: I took a real shower with hot water, and then went to the spa and got my french tip fixed, and then ate macaroni and cheese. Then, after all that, I rang Vadim in Australia and we spoke for hours.

TBS asks: Do you think the show is a fair representation of how things were? Natalie answers: Yes.

TBS asks: When will you be bringing Jack back to Kentucky to meet your family and friends and see your hometown? How will he react to Kentucky?
Natalie answers: Vadim has to go home for a brief visit and see his animals and mom, and as soon as he returns from Australia, we will go to meet the family.

TBS asks: Have your parents met Jack or just seen him on TV? What do they think about him?
Natalie answers: Yes my mom and dad have both spoken to him on the phone several times and love him. Also, mom has come out to L.A to meet with him before left for home.

TBS asks: What has been the reaction in your hometown over your appearance and success on the show?
Natalie answers: The hometown has gone completley crazy over the show. I can't wait to speak to my friends about how Vadim and I fell for each other.

TBS asks: What was the hardest part about being separated from Jack while the show aired?
Natalie answers: Being separated from him while the show aired. We spoke every day and I missed him so much. I never want to be apart from him again for that long.

TBS asks: Do you plan to introduce Jack to any uniquely American pastimes--such as American football, food, etc.?
Natalie answers: He know's more about that stuff than me. He knows alot more than you saw on the show.

TBS asks: What's the biggest way in which your appearance on Outback Jack changed your life? Natalie answers: I found true love...

TBS asks: What are your professional plans now that you're famous? Would you like to be on TV again? Do you plan to stay at your previous job now that you can be with Jack?
Natalie answers: I have left my job for the moment and am going to travel with Vades till we find some sort of income to survive. Day by Day, no illusions.

TBS asks: Our message board users want to know: Why did you give Jack's necklace back?
Natalie answers: Because I wanted him to wear it so it could remind me of the Outback. We both really miss the Outback--believe it or not, I felt so safe and at home with him there.

TBS asks: What is your favorite story about Jack?
Natalie answers: I think it was when he took his top off. The man is a god! But to be serious, when we took him to the city and pampered him to the max, he whined like a little girl. Love him for that.
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