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Outback Jack - Jack Update
By popular demand, we've solicited an update from Jack and Natalie. Want to find out how the young lovebirds are doing? Read on...

How are you?
Jack: Natalie and I are just fine. We are both in Australia and having lots of fun. Princess flew to Australia a week or so after I did and we have been inseparable ever since.

What have you been up to since the finale of Outback Jack?
Jack: Nat and I have been enjoying each others company.

Is it a relief to get to spend time with Natalie again?
Jack: Yes. I missed her so much through the show, now we are together again all is well.

Have you heard from any of the other women from the show?
Jack: Spoken to some of the Gals, Nat and I are friends with most of them.

Was Natalie upset or suprised by anything she saw in the finale?
Natalie: No I was not.

What did your mum think of your final choice?
Jack: She loves Princess and is here with us now.

Have you met Natalie's mom?
Jack: Yes I have and what a wonderful women. Like mother, like daughter.

What are your plans for the future with Natalie? Where are you living? Any marriage plans?
Jack: At present we are both Down Under and loving it. We will end up back in America to live, but for the next month or so we will be in Australia.

What are your career goals now that you have celebrity appeal?
Jack: We are just happy to have each other. What the future has in store we don't know.

Are you glad you did the show? What did you say to your mate who entered your name into the casting pool?
Jack: Yes, I'm am happy I did the show. I would never have met Nat. I told my friend thank you, for I'm in love.

What was your favorite part of getting to be Outback Jack? Least favorite?
Jack: Favorite part was ending up with Natalie. Least Favorite was elimination.

Natalie: Both Jack and I would like to thank everyone for such kind words. We can only hope that we can keep everyone informed on our situation. We are both head over heels in love, and are thankful for all the support. We promise to stay in touch. xx


Just when they thought the questions were over, we came back with more! At your request, here are the latest updates from Outback Jack and Natalie:

Questions for Jack:

TBS asks: The show was about pampered women adapting to life in the Outback. Now, how are you adapting to life as a pampered celebrity?
Jack answers: I'm not really a celeb, I'm just me. I hope I can do some good for people and animals now that I'm in the public eye.

TBS asks: How did it feel being picked as one of People's "50 Hottest Bachelors"?
Jack answers: It was a little weird. But still, it was an honour to be in the top 50. I never would have believed it a few months ago. It's funny how things can change!

TBS asks: Are you finding American culture to be strange while you're here making appearances? What has been your most unique experience?
Jack answers: I love the USA. I will always call Australia home, but I would love to live out here. I think the most unique experience I have had is meeting all these wonderfull people.

TBS asks: What do you think is the biggest difference, if any, between American and Australian women?
Jack answers: I truly believe that every women is her own individual.

TBS asks: Is it hard being away from your mother while you promote the show in the States? How will she take your moving to the States?
Jack answers: Yes it is very hard, but she only wants the best for me and if that means me being in the States, then so be it. But I miss her and all my animals so much.

TBS asks: What was the hardest part about being separated from Natalie while the show aired? Did absence make the heart grow fonder or did the magic of the moment wear off?
Jack answers: When there is true magic it very rarely wears off. And yes, the heart grew fonder. It was hard to be away from her, no matter how long.

TBS asks: What do you like to do for fun? Have you had a chance to do that activity since the show ended?
Jack answers: I love all activities, but have been so busy with promoting the show, I've really not had a chance to do anything. But when I return, I will go crazy on the outdoor side of things.

TBS asks: How has Natalie reacted to seeing your 'physical connection' to Marissa on the show?
Jack answers: We spoke about it extensively, and she is just fine. She understands that was then and this is now, and that I am commited to her and her only. She knows that most men on these sort of shows end up with every girl and do a lot more than I ever did. And she knows that no matter how the editing is done, I was really only with three girls and not twelve.

TBS asks: Do you have plans to pursue a career in entertainment? If so, what would you like to do?
Jack answers: Yes, I would love to. I'm not one of these wannabe actors that does reality TV to get a foot in the door. This show found me, and if I could help people (kids) and animals on a TV show, that would be my dream job. Fingers crossed!

TBS asks: Was there a specific time when you knew Natalie was your choice? When was that moment?
Jack answers: Yes, I believe that was when we had our date in Perth, but I was not one-hundred percent sure she felt the same way.

TBS asks: What's your favorite story about Natalie?
Jack answers: I have so many favorite stories about Natalie. I loved it when she asked me where the outlets were, and the little one-liners throughout the show that made me laugh. She's a darl.

TBS asks: The fans on our website want to know, what's the big secret behind Maria's elimination? What could you not share?
Jack answers: Just because the show is over, it doesn't mean I can spill all the beans. Maria knows I love her and will always be there for her as a friend. There is no big secret, just a little one, and that will stay with me for a long time to come. I'm sure if you ask Maria, she will tell you, as she knows why.
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