Top 10 Ways to Get Noticed by the Boss

  • Top 10 Ways to Get Noticed by the BossWhen you've got a boss like Mansfield, every single solitary action makes an impression. Make sure that impression is a good one. Follow our tried-and-true tips and you'll be enjoying a cushy corner office in no time!
  • #10Come up with your own tagline (i.e., "beast") and use it consistently during meetings, regardless of appropriateness.
  • #9Track your boss through social media and randomly appear at all his favorite after-work hangouts.
  • #8Perform a successful "Riker."
  • #7Communicate using quotes, phrases and made-up words originally uttered by the head honcho.
  • #6Remember, the early bird catches the worm (and/or the boss's attention). Being early is the new on-time.
  • #5Never let your esteemed leader see you at your weakest (e.g. striking out with a hot coworker).
  • #4Follow the ABCs of business: Always Be Complimenting.
  • #3Stroke your boss's ego by punching him in the stomach if he requests it. Just be prepared for a reciprocal jab.
  • #2Never, ever mock his attire -- no matter how high his pants, how short his tie or how pointy his tricycle helmet.
  • #1Hard work?