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Danny Masterson

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Danny Masterson began his career in entertainment at the age of four, and he has since established himself as a force in both the television and film communities. In addition to being an established actor, he is also a prominent figure in the music world and DJing community. Currently one of the most requested DJ's in the United States, Masterson spends his time traveling to club venues and music festivals in addition to shooting both television and films.

Danny's most recent project, indie comedy Alter Egos, made its debut at the Fantasia Film Festival in July of 2012, where it was chosen as an official selection. The film follows an underappreciated superhero at a time where superheroes have lost all credential and public support. Masterson plays Jimmy, a police officer who had dreams of being a superhero but couldn't quite cut it because he doesn't have a complete super power.

Masterson stars in the TBS comedy series Men at Work created by Breckin Meyer and he plays Milo, a down on his luck, recently dumped shy guy with a bit of Peter Pan complex. The show follows four 20-something guys working at a magazine following their exploits at work, love and dating.
  • Who Gets the Last Laugh? prank preview - Danny Masterson Watch a quick clip of the prank arranged by Men at Work star Danny Masterson.
    Watch a quick clip of the prank arranged by Men at Work star Danny Masterson.