1. Last, Best and Final
  2. The Bribe
  3. The Bar Birthday
  4. Who's Your Daddy
  5. The Punch
  6. Creepy Love Songs
  7. The Fifth Musketeer
  8. How Carol Got Her Groove Back
  9. The Prodigal Sister
  10. Hank Speech
  1. The Pilot, One More Time
  2. Acceptance
  3. Ladies Night
  4. Winning is Everything
  5. Rumspringa
  6. Hank Hallucinates
  7. Running Mates
  8. Personal Injury
  9. Over the Edge
  10. Reunited
  1. The Big O
  2. Everybody Loved Frank
  3. About a Boy, His Mother, and the Man They're Dating
  4. Sexual Healing
  5. Luck of the Half-Irish
  6. Lyle & Son
  7. Open Mic Night
  8. Hank Goes Black
  9. Owenbrau
  10. The Monkey Plate
  11. Sullivan's Travels
  12. A Kiss Is Never Just a Kiss
  13. You, Me, And Gary

Sullivan & Son


Always an overachiever, Steve went straight from college to law school to a job on Wall Street. Not feeling fulfilled with his New York life and success as a corporate lawyer, Steve makes an impromptu decision to buy the family bar from his parents and move home. He becomes Sullivan & Son's resident bartender and lawyer as the patrons quickly turn to him for legal and life advice.


Steve Byrne

as Steve Sullivan

Vivian Bang

as Susan Sullivan

Christine Ebersole

as Carol Walsh

Valerie Azlynn

as Melanie Sutton

Owen Benjamin

as Owen Walsh

Roy Wood, Jr.

as Roy Williams, Jr.

Ahmed Ahmed

as Ahmed Nassar

Dan Lauria

as Jack Sullivan

Jodi Long

as Ok Cha Sullivan

Brian Doyle-Murray

as Henry "Hank" Murphy