1. Episode 1
    The Mysterious Disappearance of Chantal Witherbottom
  2. Episode 2
    The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Search Party

Premieres Monday, November 21

Search Party is a dark comedy about five self-absorbed 20-somethings who become entangled in an ominous mystery when a former college acquaintance suddenly disappears.


Alia Shawkat

Dory is a lifelong door-mat who is stuck as the personal assistant to a rich housewife and deeply unfulfilled by her stale relationship. When her college acquaintance Chantal goes missing, she makes it her personal mission to find her -- and bring her friends with her.

John Early

Gay and hipper than thou, Elliott is a self-diagnosed narcissist who still finds it in his heart to help find Chantal. Adept at manipulating those around him, he's particularly good at detective work.

Meredith Hagner

Portia, a flighty, bubbly actress, gets swept up in the thrill of helping solve the mystery. Her desperate need for the spotlight makes her excellent at chatting up suspects and getting information -- even if by accident.

John Reynolds

Drew is a sweet, spoon-fed doofus who has spent his whole life a little too sheltered. He must grow a spine if he wants to help Dory solve the mystery of Chantal's disappearance and save their deteriorating relationship.

Brandon Micheal Hall

Julian, Dory's journalist ex-boyfriend, seeks the truth, no matter who it hurts.

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Looking for Chantal
Looking for Chantal
Dory and her friends delve into the mystery of a college acquaintance's disappearance in Search Party, premiering November 21 on TBS.
When a former college acquaintance mysteriously disappears, it's time to form a Search Party, coming to TBS this fall.