The One With The Truth About London

Monica and Chandler grudgingly agree to let Joey perform their wedding ceremony -- once he's been "ordained" via the Internet -- and as the couple fondly recall how their relationship changed during their London trip years ago, Monica shares a startling revelation that leaves Chandler's head spinning. Elsewhere, Rachel becomes Ben's (guest star Cole Mitchell Sprouse) favorite babysitter when she teaches him practical jokes to play on his dad Ross. In addition, Phoebe panics when she notices the possible side effects of a headache medication she just swallowed.

Season 7 | Episode 16

Courteney Cox

as Monica Gellar

Jennifer Aniston

as Rachel Green

Lisa Kudrow

as Phoebe Buffay

Matt LeBlanc

as Joey Tribbiani

Matthew Perry

as Chandler Bing

David Schwimmer

as Ross Gellar