The One With The Thumb

Monica reluctantly introduces her new guy to everyone, and much to her surprise, they all love him. Eventually, she decides that she doesn't want to see him anymore, and the gang is heartbroken. Phoebe's bank mistakenly credits her account an extra five hundred dollars. When she sends a letter to notify them of their error, they respond by apologizing and giving her another five hundred dollars. Fearing karmic debt, she gives the money to a homeless woman who buys her a soda to thank her. Phoebe finds a thumb floating in it, and the soda people give her seven thousand dollars to keep her quiet. Chandler teaches Joey how to smoke for an audition and winds up getting re-addicted to cigarettes. In the end, Phoebe offers him the seven thousand dollars if he never has another cigarette. He quits smoking.

Season 1 | Episode 03


Courteney Cox

as Monica Gellar

Jennifer Aniston

as Rachel Green

Lisa Kudrow

as Phoebe Buffay

Matt LeBlanc

as Joey Tribbiani

Matthew Perry

as Chandler Bing

David Schwimmer

as Ross Gellar