When You Wish Upon a Weinstein

After losing the family's rainy day money to a Volcano Insurance fraud, Peter learns from his friends that he needs a jewish person to look after his finances. When just such a guy's car breaks down in front of his house, Peter's finances are saved. After seeing the jew in action, Peter decides Chris needs to become jewish to ensure he gets all the good things in life. Instead of following he true path to becoming Jewish, Peter and Chris head to Vegas for a 'fast and furious' ceremony.

Season 3 | Episode 22

Seth MacFarlane

as Peter Griffin

Alex Borstein

as Lois Griffin

Seth MacFarlane

as Stewie Griffin

Mila Kunis

as Meg Griffin

Seth Green

as Chris Griffin

Seth MacFarlane

as Brian Griffin

Seth MacFarlane

as Glenn Quagmire

Patrick Warburton

as Joe Swanson

Mike Henry

as Cleveland Brown