Fore Father

Peter escapes spring cleaning by going on a father/son camping trip with Joe and Cleveland. Joe points out that Chris is lazy and irresponsible, and points out Peter's lack of fathering skills. Peter gets Chris a job at the golf course to teach him responsibility, but it's there that he realizes that Cleveland's son, Cleveland Jr., is a natural golfer and he decides to mold him into a pro. Cleveland warns Peter about his son't short attention span, but Peter is all wrapped up in proving his fathering skills. Chris is depressed that his father has decided to work on a new son, and turns to Quagmire who takes him out womanizing and to a nudie bar. Luckily, one of the strippers tells Chris to give his father another chance, and Chris is ready to take back his father when Peter predictably fails keeping Cleveland Jr.'s attention. After Stewie destroys a bunch of Brian's first edition books, Brian gets his revenge. When Stewie has a bad reaction to a recent vaccination at the doctor's office, Brian convinces him that the injection wasn't to make Stewie well, but actually to make him ill and control his brain.

Season 2 | Episode 21
Originally Aired On: March 31, 2017

Seth MacFarlane

Peter Griffin

Alex Borstein

Lois Griffin

Seth MacFarlane

Stewie Griffin

Mila Kunis

Meg Griffin

Seth Green

Chris Griffin

Seth MacFarlane

Brian Griffin

Seth MacFarlane

Glenn Quagmire

Patrick Warburton

Joe Swanson

Mike Henry

Cleveland Brown