1. The Hyphenated Name Episode
  2. The Credit Check Episode
  3. The Day Off Episode
  4. The Soccer Episode
  5. The Rat in the House Episode
  6. The Booty Episode
  7. The Viral Video Episode
  8. The Michele Obama Sweater Episode
  9. The No Nah Nah Episode
  10. The Get Together Episode
  1. The Mr. Himdependent Episode
  2. The We Ain't Going Out Like That Episode
  3. The Oh No She Di-in't Episode
  4. The Nick's Manny-Pedi Episode
  5. The Gold Party Episode
  6. The Boy Has Style Episode
  7. The Man and the Bragging Snafu Episode
  8. The Suzanne Theft Auto Episode
  9. The Despicable E Episode
  10. The She Got Game Night Episode
  11. The Valentine's Day Episode
  12. The Parent Teacher Trap Episode
  13. The Whose Card Is It Anyway Episode
  14. The Suzanne Gets One-Upped Episode
  15. The First .45 Episode
  16. The Take Your Kids to Work Day Episode
  17. The Fall of Troy Episode
  18. The Pole Dance Episode
  19. The Disney Episode
  20. The Salsa Episode
  21. The Nick Gets Jealous Episode
  22. The Test Taker Episode
  23. The Compatibility Test Episode
  24. The Good Cop, Bad Cop Episode
  25. The Mr. Almost Episode
  26. The Play Date Episode
  27. The Lindsey Gets High Episode
  28. The Liar, Liar Episode
  29. The Fight Party Episode
  30. The Nick's Kid Episode
  31. Kevin Gets a Commercial
  32. Suzanne's Surprise Party
  33. The Mother's Day Episode
  34. The Lindsey Goes Vegan Episode

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America's favorite blended family is back in the neighborhood. Terry Crews and Essence Atkins star in this popular sitcom as a newly married couple adjusting to life as newlyweds and the complexities of raising children, while also dealing with the everyday challenges of romance, friendship and the drama of extended family. Teala Dunn and Coy Stewart co-star as Nick and Suzanne’s children, 14-year-old Lindsey and 10-year-old Kevin. Keesha Sharp is Suzanne’s best friend and coworker, Gigi, who has a taste for men and the finer things in life. Special guest star, Ice Cube will return as Suzanne’s brother, Terrence. Recurring characters include Nick’s best friend, Martin, played by comedian Christian Finnegan and Suzanne’s mother, Marilyn, played by Telma Hopkins.