The Most Adequate Christmas Ever

After berating his family for their imperfect holiday cheer, Stan forces the family to set out in search of a Christmas tree that lives up to his lofty standards. While scouring the forest for a perfect tree, Stan has a near death experience. He awakes to find himself in limbo where he must plead his case in order to return to his family. After a heavenly legal dispute and eventual meeting with God, Stan realizes he is an intractable know-it-all. God praises this self-realization and returns Stan to his family for the holidays.

Season 3 | Episode 8


Stan Smith

as voiced by Seth MacFarlane


as voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Francine Smith

as voiced by Wendy Schaal

Steve Smith

as voiced by Scott Grimes

Hayley Smith

as voiced by Rachael MacFarlane


as voiced by Dee Bradley Baker