Francine consoles her friend Julie because her open and loving husband has gone missing. After talking to Julie, Francine wishes Stan would share more with her. The two of them visit Roger for some couples' therapy. After a few sessions, Stan becomes an open book and shares generously with Francine. One of the secrets he reveals is that he was forced by the CIA to kill Julie?s husband. Francine struggles to keep this secret safe, despite Stan's growing relationship with Julie. In the end Francine realizes that too much sharing can be as detrimental to a marriage as too little. Meanwhile, Steve tends to a swarm of bees.

Season 3 | Episode 12


Stan Smith

as voiced by Seth MacFarlane


as voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Francine Smith

as voiced by Wendy Schaal

Steve Smith

as voiced by Scott Grimes

Hayley Smith

as voiced by Rachael MacFarlane


as voiced by Dee Bradley Baker