A James Bond spoof. Stan plays a 007-type CIA agent who must stop Tearjerker (Roger) from killing millions. Tearjerker, the owner of a spa, abducts celebrities and swaps them out for celebrity robots and programs them to make horrible movies. Tearjerker's plan is for the celebs to make horrible movies so that his masterpiece 'Oscar's Gold', the saddest movie ever, will be viewed by millions. Stan, in James Bond fashion, lures Sexpun (Francine) into help him stop Tearjerker's plan.

Season 3 | Episode 10

Stan Smith

as voiced by Seth MacFarlane


as voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Francine Smith

as voiced by Wendy Schaal

Steve Smith

as voiced by Scott Grimes

Hayley Smith

as voiced by Rachael MacFarlane


as voiced by Dee Bradley Baker