april 25

Personality Tests

You will never truly know yourself until you take our personality tests!

Sex and the City
Best of the Boys Quiz

Ever wonder which of the hunky guys from Sex and the City would be the best man for you? Take the quiz to find out!

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tuesdays at 9/8c

Which Friends Character Are You?
Between the six of them, they've got every personality type covered. Which one are you most like?

weekdays at 4/3c

What's Your Seinfeld Personality?
Who are you? The key to enlightenment is to know oneself. This quiz will help, man-hands.

weeknights at 6/5c

Sex and the City Which Girl Are You Quiz
Find out which of the girls you're most like, then follow your match each week to find out what not to do in the quest for true love!

tuesdays at 12am/11c

Family Guy Out-Of-Work Quiz
Life exists outside of your cubicle, but do you? Take this quiz and find out who you are out of the office.

mon, wed and thur nights

Which Saved by the Bell Character Are You?
Find out which Bayside student you're most like.

weekdays at 7am/6c

Which House of Payne character are you?
Take this quick quiz to find out which Payne family member you're the most like, then watch the show to see if your character really does act like you!
wednesdays at 10/9c

10 Items or Less Grocery Store Career Quiz
Want to work at Greens & Grains? Find out which grocery store position you are most suited for.

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How Crazy Is Your Family?
Take this quiz to find out just how nuts your family really is and if you need to book a session in Bill Pearson's office!
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Which Pearson Are You?
Would you fit into "The Bill Engvall Show" household? Take our quick quiz now to find out!
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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air "How Fresh Are You?" Rap Quiz
Think you could be a cool MC? See if you can pull it off and find out just how fresh you are.
weekdays at 9am/8c

Do You Tell it Like it Is?
Do you tell it like it is? Take this My Boys quiz and find out.
returning in 2010

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